Literally Recharge Yourself

A simple, profoundly effective, global medicine free to all: Earthing. “Earthing” is an ancient practice and modern scientific discovery. In 1969, Matteo Tavera, a French agronomist, put forth a provocative, yet largely unnoticed hypothesis, in which he argued that our place on this planet was to live in accordance with “natural electricity, which governs us all.” Tavera aptly noted, through years of intimate observation, that humans are paying a steep price in terms of degeneration and illness as a result of their separation from Nature.

There is an electrical relationship of all living things to the ground and the sky. The body is a highly intelligent electrobiochemical system that is strongly influenced by its internal electrical environment. Scientific research shows the immense benefits of simply connecting our bodies to our Earth’s natural electromagnetic surface. We are electrical beings. Earth’s surface is filled with negative electrons. When we are physically grounded on Earth’s surface, our body systems become stabilized allowing optimal functioning and self-healing. By consistently earthing, we benefit by:

- rapidly reducing inflammation and soreness

- rapidly reducing or eliminating chronic pain

- improving blood flow to better supply the cells and tissues of the body with vital oxygen and nutrition

- reducing stress

- increasing energy

- improving sleep

- accelerating healing from injuries and surgery

The easiest way to receive the benefits of Earthing is to walk barefoot outdoors on a conductive surface (dirt, sand, grass, rock, or stone pavement) or sit/lie on the ground with skin contact for 15-45 mins/day. It quickly restores our emotional, physical, and mental balance.

Wearing rubber soled shoes, living in insulated homes, and spending time working indoors results in physiological dysfunction and emotional instability. Lead by example - take your socks off, stand in the grass - too easy, yet we were never taught this simple, free practice which optimizes our health and well-being.

Side note: Tour de France cyclists and World Ironman Champions use Earthing.

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