Right Action

Right Action. An interesting dilemma because many leaders mistakenly believe that they can’t do both effectively: taking care of themselves + taking care of others. They think in order to treat themselves well, they have to be selfish. Or to treat others well, they have to sacrifice themselves. Untrue thinking. Your energy is self-perpetuating in the world. Every action you take returns to you.

Think of your actions as energetic outputs filling up a bank account. It does not matter whether your energy is directed towards yourself or others. Every positive thought, action, or interaction that you engage in adds value. Your bank account grows. Every negative thought, action, or interaction that you engage in depletes your account. Your bank account dwindles. Your pay-out is determined by your investment.

Taking care of yourself - value add. Taking care of others - value add. It is not an either/or investment. Every thought or action you take comes back to you. The energy you put out is the energy returned to you. What matters is the true underlying intention beneath your action, your energetic output.

Right Action? Throughout your life and career, you’re always making choices that either enhance your sense of honor or deplete it. This is true in your daily decisions, self-talk, and interactions with others. If your own actions work to tear down the value, honor, or dignity of yourself or others, then in time that destruction will return to you.

Engaging in Right Action:

- Always take responsibility for yourself, your decisions, your emotions, your energy, and your behaviors.

- Make choices that promote your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health in every situation.

- Seek genuine empowerment from within, not manipulation or control from without.

- Respect yourself & others, releasing judgement and living with compassion.

- Be truthful, without being cruel.

- Always have the courage to live with integrity and self-awareness - no blame, no excuses.

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