The Essence of Influence

In the age of decreased meet-ups and increased video conferencing, we forget that influence is an energetic dynamic and does not require in-person interaction. The greatest positive influencers on my thinking have shaped me through their words. By reading and listening to their philosophy on the human experience, I have felt such a dramatic shift in my behavior by acting on their shared wisdom. These thought-leaders have radically altered my perceptions in a way that allows me to feel an unbounded expansion of who I choose to be and the life experiences that I prefer to create.

When we clearly know our core values and act in alignment with those values … people who resonate with who we are and what we stand for can not help but be influenced. People feel what you are conveying at an invisible level. Make no mistake, what you think is heard louder than what you say. I am sure that you can easily remember a time when someone walked into the room (or showed-up on a conference call) and the mood quickly changed. No words were needed, their vibes were felt and people reacted accordingly.

If you want to powerfully lead others, be true to your Self. Be conscious of your thoughts, be consistent in living out your values. Own and speak your truth from your core, your heart center. I promise you the highest good will result when you candidly communicate from a place of loving-kindness.

A Leader aligned with their True Self is more powerful than Millions who are not. This is the essence of influence.

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