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Courtney Green, CEO, Spark Consulting on Flowstate for Executives

What is Flow State?

Flow. Operating in a state of higher intelligence. Immersed in the moment. Intrinsically motivated. Fully engaged. Heightened awareness. Hyper-focused energy. Timelessness. Highly coherent communication between mind & body. Decision-making clear and effortless. Calmly confident. Relaxed alertness. Optimized state of being. Bliss.

When what was working before is no longer working and you're finding yourself frustrated and overworking, over efforting to try to get out from around the obstacles. That is where I come in.

I am simply your guide, helping you to use your own innate higher intelligence resources to gain a new perspective allowing you productive movement around the obstacles, out of the places you felt stuck. To get into your flow state isn't difficult; although, it does take discipine.

The Human Brain and Environment effect Flow State

Brain changes occur while in flow state. Our prefrontal cortex which regulates our thoughts, actions, and emotions through countless connections with other brain regions simmers down. During flow, focused attention is called for and our brain state facilitates the free flow of information and a sense of effortless execution is felt.

We can actually engineer our environment or go out into nature to “trigger” productivity. When we eliminate environmental distractions and interruptions or go out into nature's space, we are able to tune into an inner space to allow for greater productivity, creativity and consequently flow to occur. The external setting can be used to trigger internal expansion. The internal expansion stimulates greater productive output.

Engineering our environment or going out into nature gives us the ability to tap into our heightened intelligence and use it to our advantage.

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