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Courtney Green, CEO, Spark Consulting - My Education and Experience

My education is an integration of academic and experiential knowledge. I have been a coach as for high level, performing athletes as well an athlete myself. Integrating the mind and body for optimal performance through understanding Eastern and Western philosophy, psychology and medicine.

As a leader in the active Army, I worked with incredible leaders under high stress needing to make quick, sound decisions. I helped them to remain calm, centered and focused on the task at hand to powerfully lead themselves and troops. As a leader in the Air Force Reserves, I worked as a mental health professional alongside psychologists and psychiatrists. We helped soliders and airmen returning from war experieincing TBI, traumatic brain injury and PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression.

I received my law degree and specialized in conflict resolution as a certified mediator. I know what it's like to be in the middle of a conflict handling employee and employer conflict, child custody battles, and landlord-tenant disputes.

I have worked in corporate law, environmental litigation, the outdoor industry, government affairs, and the energy industry. I know what it's like to be working in the public sphere, the private sphere, and in the government with its regulating agencies. My role is that guide, that supporter and advisor of high powered leaders to ensure they are leading and living in alignment with who they truly as. They step fully into their power, authentically, leading by example from their higher intelligence.

That is what I'm here for. And now, I am working on my PhD in applied psychophysiology, which is the mind body integration for optimization so that I can take Flow State further and help business leaders, even more quickly and easily, use and access their higher intelligence.

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