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Courtney Green, CEO, Spark Consulting, Interviews Casey Dittmer, Founder, Power House Summit

About Casey Dittmer

International award winning photographer, business coach and motivational speaker, Casey is the founder of Powerhouse Summit. Using her experiences from building a multi million dollar company and being an industry leader, she travels the world teaching and inspiring others to find their creative voice as well as their OWN business path. She is passionate about redefining the rules of being a professionally driven woman as she has lived through 23 years of trials and tribulations. Its time to start a revolution of strong and mentally healthy female leaders.

About Power House Summit Event

Many of us attend industry classes to grow our skills and to continue our education in professional fields. We understand the importance of continued education. BUT NOW its time to talk about the unspoken topics of being a working woman.

Let's gather, get a little uncomfortable, and find new ways to approach our paths of success. This two day conference features topics that give you new tools for professional growth as well as new mindsets and techniques for personal growth. In doing so, we hope you get a little closer to reaching your TRUE potential. Join us for this revolution.

Courtney Green: I'm here with the Creator, innovator, builder of Power House summit, Casey, Dittmer, welcome to the interview, I am delighted to have you on my new show!

Casey Dittmer: Hi, thank you for being here. It's been an exciting couple of days with this summit and just seeing lives changed minds open. And we're so thankful that you've been a part of it.

Courtney Green: I feel incredibly grateful and inspired. And we are so ready to change this paradigm we've been living in.

Casey Dittmer: I have always liked being a rebel. And this is definitely a revolution, we have blown the horn, and we're in it to really change industries and mindsets across the board to help women be stronger, both personally and professionally.

Courtney Green: Absolutely. And they work together. And this is not a short term temporary change. This is a paradigm shift globally. And the energy here today will carry out into all sectors, all areas of this nation and beyond because of what Casey is bringing to life by bringing us together. Casey, tell me about your background, and how did you even come up with this genius idea of powerhouse Summit?

Casey Dittmer: Sure, well, I have been a working mom and had my own company for 17 years, and had really heavily dove into that hustle culture, the burn it to the ground, work, work, work, always bigger, better, judging other people's levels of success falling into the pattern where someone else defined what that meant and what I had to do.

And then it all came to a head and came crumbling down at the time was just completely life altering, but so much for the better. And this came from wanting to help others hopefully not reached that point of crumbling down to help younger women maybe start off on a better path, a healthier path. And to just maybe a little bit therapeutic for myself, but but also to just change, again, mindsets that you can have success, but like you just said, personal and professional, not separate it is tie, you have to have both, and that we can reach those in a healthier way. And so that's what we're here for we brought such a diverse group of speakers together, both internationally and local, that really speak across industry Borders was not specific to how people can have that emotional intelligence, which no one wants to talk about, right? Because especially in the professional world to talk about emotions as weakness, like, that's just not allowed. So let's stop that stop playing this game. Let's call it for what it is. And just celebrate our strengths as women the fact that we are just dominating the world anyways. But let's do it in a healthier way.

Courtney Green: Beautiful! Thank you so much for what you're bringing to life.

Casey Dittmer: You get we're excited. So being our first year, we were really new to the game of finding speakers and good fits for our audience because we had a very specific message. And I was so excited. The universe really, truly brought us together and excited to have you as part of our speaking team. And, you know, your message is it's unique. It's very impactful. Tell me how your breakout went? And what you heard from attendees that, you know that they were really filling and receiving during your breakout? Yes,

Courtney Green: Well, thank you so much for having me. And I have to say, the style and the format that you allow for creativity to flow was empowering. Being in the session was exhilarating. I was able to bring my strengths to the table, which was to create a dynamic, interactive, highly engaging session where we got to experience flow together. The title of my topic was flow state and how to engage and utilize your higher intelligence. And rather than speaking about that, we started the whole experiment, experiencing what flow is and then we discussed the science behind flow state. The experience was empowering. They loved it. It is still being talked about hours later of what they experienced, which to me is what this point is about - to get those conversations going and intentionally change what is no longer working.

Casey Dittmer: Yeah, we got them excited, and really opened their minds because I'm sure a lot of people came really with no idea of what it was that or a preconceived, wrong idea. Yes. So you've opened that door to hopefully allow them that journey further.

Courtney Green: Absolutely. It's all about being self sufficient, having the knowledge and tools to take you to the next level.

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