Spark Consulting witnesses the true you...

Who You Are + 
What You Are Here For 

Spark sees you, the real you, and guides you into leading from a place of power authentically aligned with your truth. Helping you to dissolve the patterns that limit your capabilities and leave you feeling unfulfilled.


We are each creative expressions of divine genuis here to serve humanity through our unique purpose while living out our joy. Spark teaches you how to operate in flow state and experience what matters most to you. Leading your life and organization using your higher intelligence, your expanded consciousnness. Spark guides you through that process of seeing through the b.s. that you have learned to believe about yourself and how the world works. Then the fun part ... you get to experience the ease of living and leading while in flow state. Extraordinary results follow for your life, leadership, and organization.   





You are in a leadership position

You’ve always been an overachiever, and you have the accolades and prowess to prove it. Your friends call you the go-getter in the group because you know how to go after your goals, you thrive when faced with challenges, and aren't afraid of hard work. You’re the business owner. The decision-maker. The CEO. You accomplish the remarkable, and achieving is a big part of what makes you who you are.



You feel there has got to be an easier, better way

Despite your successes, you know there is more to you and this experience we call life. You haven’t had a confidante who deeply gets you and understands how your mind works and how to navigate through roadblocks. Your success has driven you to also discover what the phrase “it’s lonely at the top” actually feels like. You are grateful for all you’ve accomplished, and yet, at times you feel frustrated with the chaos and confusion that surrounds you.  You are ready to rise above the noise to expand into more of who you really are as a human and a leader. To feel ease and flow rather than overefforting and exhaustion. 



You understand the power of your influence

You understand the ripple effect that your presence and actions have on others. You want to make sure you’re uplifting your teams, inspiring your organization, and making a positive difference in the world while being true to you. You want to lead your organization from an authentic place of alignment. Alignment means that all aspects of you are working together optimally, in balance. Balance is the position that allows you to receive limitless solutions and feel such fulfillment.  



You appreciate the alchemy of levity

Exploring and understanding our internal worlds can feel intense at times. It takes courage to be honest with ourselves ... and a sense of humor. When we approach these conversations with radical honesty, an element of levity and fun is always there to balance things out. Laughing at ourselves is essential, a permission slip of sorts, to lighten up and enjoy this wild and precious life! 



Courtney Green is the CEO and founder of Spark Consulting.

She is Spark’s principal leadership consultant and connector. Armed with military service, doctorate degree, and decades of coaching/counseling/business consulting, Courtney started Spark to help leaders experience how good it feels to be leading and living their lives authentically aligned with who they really are. When leaders experience flow state on demand, life and leadership becomes easier as the right resources, right people, right opportunities simply show up at the right time.


Courtney knows that when leaders learn how to be aligned and lead from their higher intelligence they feel fulfillment, joy, and calm confidence. By working together, Courtney helps leaders elevate their awareness while strenghtening their influence. They expand their consciousness and enhance their capabilities. These game-changers are limitless as they do what others consider impossible - uplift people and the planet while increasing profits. 

Courtney has worked with leaders in all capacities. She was a Medical Service Corps mental health professional in the Air Force, JAG Corps leader in the Army, on the VP of Legal & Government Affairs team for Global 200 company, business development senior leader for Government Affairs firm, 7 state business consultant for outdoor industry retail owners, high performance and employee engagement advisor for leaders in Fortune 300 company, conflict resolution mediator at the equal employment opportunity commission, personal trainer for military and civilian leaders, and executive coach for business leaders. 

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After earning a law degree with the intent to practice environmental law, she realized that working at a desk for 12 hours a day writing what felt like superfluous memorandums was not protecting the earth nor was it creating a win-win situation in the courtroom. Felt empty, unfulfilling. She decided to go back to what she remembered “worked” … doing that which excited her while staying in a positive state without attachment to the outcome. That decision reignited her passion for helping leaders understand their true nature by removing conditioned mental barriers to more fully express their unique creative genius, their gift to themselves and the world. She voraciously read, experimented, and studied patterns to learn how to access the higher intelligence of an aligned human mind and body to be able to share that information with leaders. She is currently conducting her own research to support her Doctorate degree in Leadership Psychology, concentrating on neuroscience and organizational development.        

Life is an experiment that you can not mess up.

We are here to show up fully and freely as ourselves living out our joy.

Join us for an experience that will