Accelerating conscious business leaders growth through flow state. 1:1, Team Workshops, Presentations.

A pioneer in the optimizing higher intelligence space, Courtney Green is the CEO, Owner of Spark Consulting. She started her career as an active duty Army leader then Air Force Reserves mental health professional, before moving on as an attorney to do work in the outdoor industry and peacefully address conflict as a mediator in the workplace. While working at a renewable energy company, she excelled as a high performance analyst and employee engagement consultant. Driven by a mission to raise leaders' consciousness, to utilize their higher intelligence to make things easier, more enjoyable and profitable, Courtney is best known for inspiring business leaders to get into flow state.

When she isn’t focused on running her company, you will find Courtney adventuring in the mountains climbing, biking, paddling or practicing yoga. In addition to outdoor play with her pup Kalei, she is studying and researching flow state as a doctoral student earning her PhD in Applied Psychophysiology.




Courtney is the real deal. I would highly recommend her as a coach, consultant and counselor for CEOS/ leaders who are looking for a straight-forward and no-B.S. approach to their own journey of growth and transformation. Courtney helps CEOs experience how good it feels to be leading and living their lives authentically aligned with who they truly are. In short, Courtney is a wonderful person who helps her clients lead from their heart-center to achieve both success in their work and fulfillment in their lives.

- TL | Board President, Best-selling Author 


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